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EverydayCARE® by Redirect Health offers significant healthcare cost savings through streamlined, technology-driven healthcare. It’s app-based and virtual-first, providing 24/7 access to care in English and Spanish, making healthcare convenient and efficient.

Our Healthcare App

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For members, Redirect Health's healthcare approach provides convenience and support

1. Hit-the-Ground Running Program

Get a head start on healthcare needs before the plan starts.

2. Redirect Health Member App

Access the Member App 24/7, schedule calls with primary care providers, notify the team of appointments, refill prescriptions, and submit ExtraHelp™ tickets for issues.

3. Coordinate Care - Virtual-First

Start care conveniently with a simple phone call, eliminating the need to take time off work or travel. Referrals and payments are made easy.

4. Navigate the Healthcare System

Expert guidance through the healthcare system ensures members receive necessary care without unnecessary time or financial burdens, minimizing stress.

5. Follow-Up

Continuous support for follow-up care, addressing any issues or concerns to ensure a smooth healthcare journey.

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